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Success stories of stars who just made themselves Stars

Olga Buzova, Jessica Alba, Maria Sharapova, Oprah Winfrey, Svetlana Khodchenkova and other ladies, from scratch earning his fortune

Elena Ржевуская11 April 2019 16:4218020

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Svetlana Khodchenkova/Katy Perry/Olga Busovaca:

Gone are the days when financial viability of the women were exclusively the merit of her men. Today ladies become rich and famous on its own, without the help of a life partner. Actively building a career, a business, develop creativity and make millions. Let's see what are the components of this success.

Olga Buzova

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Olga Busovaca:

You can refer to Olga Buzova, but it was in the list of the richest Russian stars. At the end of the year as presenter increased by 3.9 million dollars. And His constantly expanding horizons: singer, writer (author of two books — "Business in heels. Tips stylish blonde" and "Roma buzovoy"), the owner of chain stores of clothes and jewelry, and now opened his own restaurant. Colleagues Buzova say that everything she touches turns to gold. With most of the criticism of the abilities and talent of Olga sounds from them. Maybe she just jealous? As she says the presenter, "I never behaved like a superstar, just living, set goals and achieved them". And became an example — Buzova 14.8 million followers on Instagram.

Oprah Winfrey

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Oprah, Eintritt:

One of the most popular American TV presenters. Today, her fortune is estimated at $ 3.2 billion, she has her own TV channel, radio station and magazine. Oprah lasted twenty-five years and enjoyed unprecedented success. Celebrities did not hesitate to share the air with its mysteries and secrets. As for the Oprah her way to the top of Olympus television can be described as: through thorns to the stars. In the background: difficult childhood with an evil grandma, banging her for the slightest offense, rape, pregnancy at the age of thirteen, suicide attempt and many other "funny" moments. But maybe the secret of its success in the ability to overcome any difficulties? And, of course, the mind, sensitivity, charisma and the ability to listen to others. Oprah is not a star but an entire galaxy!

Katy Perry

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Katy Perritte:

The richest singer for the year was Katy Perry. Earning eighty-three million dollars, she beat out such peers as beyoncé and Taylor swift. Big money brought the girl tour, Witness how the press, the star was earning millions for one night. In addition, Kathy was a mentor of the popular TV show American Idol. Katie believes that the secret to success is the everyday hard work multiplied by talent. Maybe that's why her songs become hits regularly, and the army of fans is growing by the day?

Gisele Bundchen

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Gisele Bondgenoot:

Giselle is considered one of the richest supermodels in the world. She even entered the Guinness Book of records. Her condition is about three hundred and fifty million dollars. A girl from a poor Brazilian family began a modeling career at the age of fourteen. There were no signs of such a stunning success. Tall, awkward, skinny Giselle wanted to make money on summer vacation. With this contract with modeling Agency Elite Modeling all started. Today, thanks to contracts with Esprit, Versace, Pantene, as well as their own line of shoes Ipanema supermodel has greatly exceeded the income of their colleagues. High blue-eyed blonde with long legs and Golden curls — the embodiment of so-called natural beauty, so popular in our time.

Kathy Ireland

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Katy Islandphoto:

History, when making a name for yourself in any creative field or sport, the girl becomes an active member of the advertising campaigns is not new. So, supermodel Kathy Ireland has built a licensing Empire, giving your name more than seventeen thousand products, from plastic Windows to furniture to chic dresses. Once the very Cathy opened a popular modeling Agency Elite. At that time she was only sixteen years old. But as it turned out, the girl had a remarkable business acumen. Along with the modeling career was led and business projects. For example, in 1993, Cathy started a line of hosiery. Unlike most of his colleagues, Ireland has not been seen in high-profile scandals and has a spotless reputation. She is trusted, respected and loved. Today women around the world willing to buy products from Kathy. Of course, the supermodel is not involved in the development of each of his things, but someone has got his good name doesn't. The original Empire is expanding every year, and the state is estimated at three hundred and fifty million dollars.

Sara Blakely

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Sarah Blacklite:

Girl from Atlanta have always been commitment. About say: close the door, get in the box. No wonder she was one of the best managers... selling faxes. That day when Sarah came up with slimming tights without seams, she hardly thought that would be a billionaire. She refused dozens of factories of North Carolina, where she was trying to release a prototype. When Sarah tried to patent invention patent, lawyers picked her laughter. However, the budding entrepreneur has invested all his savings — five thousand dollars in production, having started the company Spanx with an office in his apartment. How popular was the invention is illustrated by the fact that in 2012 Blakely was included in the list of Forbes as the youngest woman, earned independently of their condition.

Jessica Alba

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Jessica Alboroto:

Its accustomed to seeing on the pages of glossy women's magazines than in Forbes. However, she became the heroine of one of the covers. Hollywood actress also proved to be a successful businesswoman. Seven years ago, Alba, a mother of two children, founded the company to manufacture environmentally friendly products, cosmetics and personal care products for newborns. Popular girl's name also played a role only in the first year the profit amounted to about ten million dollars. Especially popular were baby diapers. Now Honest Company produces one hundred and twenty products, including hypoallergenic powders and detergents. And the state of Alba is estimated at three hundred and forty million dollars.

Polina Gagarina

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Pauline, Gagarinite:

At the end of last year, Polina Gagarin became the richest woman among the stars of Russian show-business. Hard-working singer in 2018 4.1 million dollars. The story of its success began from the time of "factory of stars" where she won, the popularity has increased dramatically after the participation of the singer in the Eurovision song contest in 2015, where Polina Gaga-Rina took second place. Today, according to various estimates, one concert brings a star one million two hundred thousand rubles. Also it often becomes a participant in various TV shows such as "the Voice", "star", "Just a tee". Star even complains that because of the tight schedule don't get to spend much time with the family. But to earn the singer is not very fond of, despite the fact that very popular on Instagram.

Maria Sharapova

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Mary Arapovite:

It is famous by its success not only on the tennis court. Maria Sharapova earnings amount to about thirty million dollars a year, and she is regularly included in lists of the richest athletes. However, the basic income Mary receives is not from the game. Ex-first racket of the world today is only in forty-seventh place in the rating of Female tennis Association (WTA). However, the charisma and beauty of Mary regularly attract a huge number of advertising contracts, including not only sports brands. Have Sharapova and your business: a company that produces sweets. Love the jellies to chewing the tennis player started from childhood, when she first saw the Gummy bears in the United States.

Scarlett Johansson

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Publication from Scarlett Johansson (@scarlett_johansson.official)2 Mar 2019 7:56 PST

It topped the list of highest grossing Actresses 2018, beating their eternal rivals angelina Jolie and Jennifer aniston. According to Forbes, the incomes of the actress over the past year have amounted to forty millions of dollars. A large part of the fees brought Scarlett fantasy Saga "the Avengers: infinity War", where the actress played the role of superhero Natasha Romanoff. Next year it is planned to continue, so without the money the girl will not. Career Scarlett began to develop from the beginning of the two thousandth's, when the actress was seen in the films "Ghost World", Terry Zwigoff and "the Man who wasn't there" the Coen brothers. Even then, colleagues noted not only her hard work but also obstinate character. Then sexy look blonde actively used by woody Allen, it was even called his Muse. And now for the right to remove Ms. Johansson in his film fighting the most famous Directors.

Sofia Amoruso

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Sofia Amorosito:

Your way in the business world 22-year-old Sofia Amoruso started with no money, no connections. Moreover, she was leading an antisocial way of life: wandering, had not constant work, live, anywhere and sometimes steal. The first product, sold it through the Internet was a stolen book. But the business was laid. First Nasty Gal was created for young fashionistas, here sold vintage stuff. Now the site competes with the biggest online shops. The status of the owner is estimated at three hundred million dollars. "You are a soldier: you know when to strike and when to tolerate them. Sometimes you break the rules, sometimes you follow them, but the conditions are always yours. You know where they're going, but love to party on the road," advises Sophia to the readers of his autobiographical book #Girlboss.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

Истории успеха звезд, которые всего добились сами - Звезды -

Svetlana Hodchenkova:

If earlier Russian actors complained that their profession is dependent and low-paid, it seems, now the situation changes significantly for the better. Of course, while the incomes of the stars of Russian cinema does not compare with the fees of their overseas counterparts, but nevertheless we do have leaders. So, Svetlana Khodchenkova became one of the most popular and highly paid Russian Actresses. Today Svetlana more than eighty roles in television series and feature films of different genres. In addition, she managed to light up in Hollywood projects "Tinker tailor soldier Spy" and "the Wolverine". According to media reports, the fee Svetlana for a day of shooting is four thousand dollars, and removed a lot. It is therefore not surprising that the condition of the actress is growing and by the end of 2018 reached a million dollars.

She Bakalchuk

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Publication of ( Dec 2018 1:26 PST

Just became a mom, she Bakalchuk understand how much time take women shopping. It is now trade via the Internet is very common, and at the beginning of the two thousandth in Russia has just appeared the first sites. At that time, among the female population was particularly in demand German clothing catalogs. And here Tatyana came up with the brilliant idea to seek customers through their portal. Was created a simple website and first orders enterprising lady sent and took away from the post itself. As I recall the wife of Bakalchuk, at the time their apartment was like a warehouse. And they could not imagine how successful the future will be their project. Now the company Wildberries billions of dollars in revenue and the same number of buyers — despite the presence of serious competitors. And the family during this time two children were born.


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