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Pugacheva lost a child from Kirkorov - Star -

The singer was able to get pregnant after abortion

Catherine Лабухина11 APR 2019 17:3122610

Пугачева потеряла ребенка от Киркорова - Звезды -


The authors of the project "Based on real events" touched on the personal life of Alla Pugacheva. Her ex-husband, producer Yevgeniy Boldin, said that once convinced the artist to terminate the second pregnancy for a successful career. "At the time to think about the children, it was just pointless. She didn't have time for this. Her family was her work", — noted ex-the chosen one pop diva. After a few years, the singer regretted her choice — she's still convinced that would give the unborn baby more than the first-born Christina Aguilera. After surgery, Donna was diagnosed with infertility.

However, the star once again managed to get pregnant in the 90s, then she was the wife of Philip Kirkorov. According to the father of the king of pop, the singer has lost the baby. "It would be a boy. If nothing happens, I will give birth to a song" — Alla Borisovna once commented on the tragedy.

Recall that it was possible to feel again the joy of motherhood is 65 years, she and her new husband Maxim Galkin become parents of adorable twins Lisa and Harry.


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