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Psychic Prince William and Kate Middleton: "Yes, treason I see" Stars

Galina Janko told how now will shape the relationship in the Royal family

Galina Янко11 APR 2019 18:38162480

Ясновидящая о принце Уильяме и Кейт Миддлтон: «Да, измену я вижу» - Звезды -

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with delimitato:

One of the American tabloids published the news, which stated that the Duke of Cambridge was unfaithful to his wife: allegedly, Prince William was having an affair with her best friend Kate, rose, Hanbury when she was expecting Prince Louis. According to the newspaper, the Duchess of Cambridge found out about the adultery, but decided to try to save the marriage. Today it became known that lawyers of Prince William are preparing a lawsuit against the authors of "ducks" for libel. While clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janka confirms the infidelity of the sovereign.

Ясновидящая о принце Уильяме и Кейт Миддлтон: «Да, измену я вижу» - Звезды -

Galina Anchoveta: materials of press-services

"He was born under the sign of 10 stars. It is inherently monogamous, but we all know that by nature man is polygamous. They can change not because they don't like wives, but because it was originally laid down by nature. Yes, I see betrayal, but that betrayal is fleeting. The relationship will fade away, and nothing serious, this simply will not work. He's a family man, surrounded by constant concerns from family and their children. His lucky day is Wednesday. According to fate, he wrote one marriage, with this woman he will live to the end of his days," — said Janko.

Ясновидящая о принце Уильяме и Кейт Миддлтон: «Да, измену я вижу» - Звезды -

Prince William is going to sue the publication. which accused him, izmantoto:

"What happened now, of course, imposes certain shadow on the Royal family. About it will speak, and such a glory is not a plus to the Royal family. Of course, it all POPs out, and at some point the relationship of the spouses are on the verge of divorce. But here we must consider the status and influence of the Queen mother. The divorce will not happen. The couple will live together. This betrayal will leave a bad impression in the minds of Prince and what he will experience remorse — that's for sure. It is itself intelligent, serious for her age. It would make a great king. He's loyal to his people and nation. Of course, his face looks a lady", I'm sure a psychic.

"I want to emphasize the fact that if there is no initiative of the woman, the man will never seek it, especially in such status. Yes, the woman she attacked him, and he made up the slack, resulting in betrayal. But this woman will accomplish nothing. The Prince does not love her and I will never leave the family. All the gossip, rumors and stirring will dissolve and disappear, because the family nothing can destroy", — concluded Janko.


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