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Victoria Makarska revealed his recipe for beauty - Star -

The artist is not bothered least favorite food

Catherine Лабухина12 April 2019 13:0817780

Виктория Макарская раскрыла свой рецепт красоты - Звезды -


A few hours ago, the wife of Anton Makarska Victoria decided to share with followers "Instagram" their beauty secrets. In the post she admitted that as soon as it begins to lose shape, goes to the market, where to buy celery and parsley, cucumber and all kinds of salads and a pumpkin. During the week each morning, the actress eats the yogurt with buckwheat: "the evening is poured into large Cup of yogurt and mix with it 3 tablespoons buckwheat groats (not boiled). In a night filled with buckwheat moisture and in the morning Breakfast ready" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

Publication of Makarskie Anton & Viktoria (@makarskie)11 APR 2019 at 1:49 PDT

Then Makarska listed abide by the rules: not to smoke — "otherwise, everything else is useless"; alcohol only on an urgent need and only in medicinal doses — only natural red wine, no more glasses. Actress daily on an empty stomach drink two glasses of water with a break of ten minutes: "a granule of sea salt. The grain of salt on the tongue and washed down with water." During the day Victoria is eating only what is required by the body: "don't sell yourself unloved, supposedly healthy food". Summarizing, the singer advised its subscribers to check blood for the portability of certain products. One of the important rules of the artist is the absence of envy and resentment on others: "don't leave any situation unresolved and exciting to me. If there is no possibility to make up — begin to pray for the offender or for the one whom she hurt. Miraculously, the reconciliation comes".

And in a bad mood Victoria connects with idleness — when busy favorite thing, "not bad".


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