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The author hits Buzova has unveiled the amount of their fees Stars

The musician rarely agrees to make

Catherine Лабухина12 APR 2019 15:2015630

Автор хитов Бузовой рассекретил сумму своих гонораров - Звезды -

Olga Busovaca: Natalia Muslinkina

Today, fans of Olga Buzova found out how much the pop diva treated her hits such as "Little half", "champion" and "She's not afraid", authored by hip-hop artist Alexander Stepanov, better known as ST. In a recent interview, the musician has unveiled the amount of their fees.

Автор хитов Бузовой рассекретил сумму своих гонораров - Звезды -

The author hits Buzova declassified the sum of its гонораров

It turned out that the price of a single text it starts from $20,000 USD, in other words, 1.3 million rubles. This artist rarely agrees to such work. "Just writing songs for money in order for someone tickled his vanity, is not always interesting. Only if a lot of money. I am very dear ghostrider", — quotes the rapper "MK".

We also learned that the song "Little half" was his gift to the young singer, but to this day Stepanov gets her royalties. Among the clients of Alexander also includes: the former soloist of group 5 sta Family Yulianna Karaulova and the ex-soloist of the group Serebro Elena Temnikova.


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