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Psychic: "Jennifer Lopez does not care about the infidelity of the bridegroom" - Stars -

Marianne Abravitova believes that marriage with Alex Rodriguez will not be for the singer's latest

Marianne Абравитова12 APR 2019 18:3922770

Экстрасенс: «Дженнифер Лопес не волнуют измены жениха» - Звезды -

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguezthe:

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced his engagement in early March. The singer posted a photo of the luxurious ring and a video in which a baseball player on the ocean is lowered in front of her on one knee. But in less than a month, media reported that the newly minted fiance J. Lo sent Playboy model Zoe Gregory posts intimate content. 49-year-old pop diva has managed to respond to the rumors, saying that they do not believe. However, a psychic, a psychologist and a tarragon Marianne Abravitova believes that frivolous correspondence with male model edition — not only that the baseball player was allowed. But the singer will still marry him.

Экстрасенс: «Дженнифер Лопес не волнуют измены жениха» - Звезды -

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

"Yes, the wedding to be. And they even live some time together. But this is not the last marriage Jennifer. She still has a couple of equally successful unions. What is now happening and being discussed around the groom, it is absolutely not worried and not worried. Her overall not up to it. For her the most important thing in a relationship with a man is the brightness of the emotions, the adrenaline, walking on the edge. She is a catcher of emotions. She needs constant shake-up and action games. All of this is pushing her toward marriage, and all this simply, is her incentive. This fellow a lot of intrigue and shenanigans. He always was and will be and will never change," he said Abravitova.

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A publication from Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)9 Mar 2019 5:34 PST

"Such men do not mix love and family in the same basket with intimate adventures, — said the psychic. — They have around is the explanation, and everybody has their lives in his place. They are sometimes genuinely surprised if they start something to catch. They always, in their opinion, betrayed a loved one and partner. They are devoted to their family, but live as you want and as it suits them.

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A publication from Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)12 Mar 2019 9:21 PDT

Indeed, everything that people are saying, absolutely true. About 16 minutes of fame for this Gregory — Yes, of course, she enjoys it. But she did not invent it. It was. Man it is hot and not burdened by any morals. Yes, they with Lopez would get married, but will enjoy each other's society long."


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