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55-year-old Aziz finally gets married - Stars -

The star of the 90s broke the heart of not one man

Julia Гончарова13 April 2019 12:5333960

55-летняя Азиза наконец-то выходит замуж - Звезды -


55-year-old singer Aziz became the heroine of the program "go public". The star of the 90s whose name was often mentioned in connection with the murder of Igor Talkov, broke not one man's heart, but she remained cold to countless fans. She has repeatedly proposed marriage, but the beauty preferred, until recently, lead a free lifestyle. However, now she is preparing for her wedding. Her lover was an old friend, the composer Oleg Bloodless.

"I've known him 30 years, we met after Jurmala. Once Oleg Bloodless offered me the song, he's a composer" — shared Aziz. — "It became for me to care, but then I married him not out, although he made many years ago."

Their relationship have been friendly for many years. They were very close to each other people. Oleg dropped everything and raced on the first call Aziza, she admitted that only with him I felt calm and comfortable.

"We could talk, be silent, to sing, to cry. After my numerous operations he was there", — said the artist. — "The New year we went to Yalta, and at 12 he proposed to me. I was not surprised, knew that he loved me all these years, and I said 'Yes."


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