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Marina Fedunkiv lost weight unrecognizable - Stars -

Fans began to worry about the 47-year-old star of the show Comedy Woman

Julia Гончарова13 APR 2019 14:5634460

Марина Федункив похудела до неузнаваемости - Звезды -

Marina Федункив

The audience used to seeing the star of the TV series and Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv as a woman with appetizing forms. Through this figure, her well-managed age-based roles, but now the 47-year-old actress just do not know — she was down to the size of a young girl. Fans of the actress are worried that such a drastic loss of body weight is a sign of illness, and advise her not to lose weight. However, previously, many, just, criticized her for the way "easy aunt" and encouraged to lose weight and to freshen up.

But most of all, the secret to slimness actress simple — recently it is very popular and lives by a rigid schedule. Marina participates in several TV shows, acted in films, plays on the stage, maintains his own blog. With this rhythm of life the extra pounds go away.

Марина Федункив похудела до неузнаваемости - Звезды -

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