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Tatyana Lazareva has played tough for the Stars

On cosmonautics Day, the actress has compared himself with a rocket

Julia Гончарова13 APR 2019 17:538640

Татьяна Лазарева вспомнила, как переживала сложные времена - Звезды -

Tatiana Лазарева

An unexpected confession Tatyana Lazareva did in his microblog in honor of cosmonautics Day, the Actress decided to speculate about life's difficulties and ways of overcoming them. And, although she wrote that the experience of pain is not related to a specific situation, its members decided that it is about family discord — artist for three years as live separately with Michael Schatz.

"In recent years, often think of the phrase: the pain point is always a point of growth. Remember events from the life and know — whenever I was sick or hurt, but I overcame it, life became even more interesting, all the pearls, and reaches new horizons" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — written by Tatiana. — "Immediately, Yes. Because sometimes it was so painful that consciousness was turned off for some time, a painful shock stomping, you think, perhaps, I've lost my mind."

She writes that in moments like consolation, feeling sorry for himself, trying to feel the pain, knowing that then: "You will soar and fly even further and higher like a rocket."


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