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Widow decl hides his son from the relatives of Stars

Alexander Tolmatsky can't accept the loss

Julia Гончарова13 APR 2019 20:106130

Вдова Децла скрывает его сына от родственников - Звезды -

Declaimer Chistyakov

Alexander Tolmatsky never had a chance to reconcile with his son Cyril, he suddenly died. The producer hoped that he will be able to establish relationships with at least a grandson, but the widow decl hiding Tony from grandparents. He is convinced that Yulia adjusts 13-year-old boy against his relatives.

In conversation with the correspondent of NTV, Tolmatsky announced the news that the certificate of birth of Tony's "father" column is blank, it means that he will not be able to inherit the apartment, decl in the capital and the rights to his royalties. The boy on the social network recently admitted that he and his mother barely make ends meet. His private school education is worth 22 thousand a month, you must pay the rent to live on something, but Julia refuses to give assistance to parents decl.


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