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Daughter of Alexei Panin was offended by the mother and stopped communication Stars

Julia Udintsev not allow NUS abroad

Julia Гончарова14 APR 2019 10:157760

Дочь Алексея Панина обиделась на мать и прекратила общение - Звезды -

Alexey Panin with дочкойINSTAGRAM.COM/PANIN20122015

Only, it would seem that the dust has settled, associated with the kidnapping and the determination of the place of residence of the daughter of actor Alexey Panin Julia and Yudintseva as spectators waiting for the continuation of a family scandal. It turns out that the girl is already several months had not seen their mother and her phone has scored in the "black list". Niusia was offended that the mother closed her travel abroad.

"I wasn't that offended, just making sure that I reached out to her. I don't even want just to meet and talk," said the girl "StarHit".

Alexey Panin until then kept aloof from the conflict of their women, but now says it will have to negotiate with the ex-lover. This would be not just Julia is set to conflict.


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