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Anastasia congratulated Valentine's balloons - Stars -

The haters have not noticed holiday treats

Julia Гончарова14 April 2019 11:5415070

Анастасия Волочкова поздравила возлюбленного воздушными шарами - Звезды -

Anastasia Of Volokovaya Sharlovskoe

Anastasia is still hiding her lover is afraid of the evil eye. From ballerina to do this difficult work personal life, so now when she's finally adjusted, the star is not let her outside. We can only guess that her chosen name is the letter "M" — this letter is written on the balloons, which she had decorated his house in honour of the birthday man.

"I love romance! And I love her to arrange..." — made a post on his Instagram dancer. "My darling, I love you and cherish our relationship. Let this mystery is the most beautiful. Not for everyone, but for us."

However, the haters have found something to complain about. Dishes for a romantic dinner is on the wrinkled tablecloths, and the treats can not see, only bottles of alcohol — Volochkova long been accused of her unhealthy addiction to alcohol.

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Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)13 APR 2019 10:59 PDT


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