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Relatives put up for sale an apartment of Ludmila Tselikovskaya Stars

The estate is estimated at 34 million rubles

Julia Гончарова14 April 2019 13:2487572

Родственники выставили на продажу квартиру Людмилы Целиковской - Звезды -

Lyudmila Tselikovskaya from the film "the Tutor"

People's artist of the RSFSR Lyudmila Tselikovskaya this year marks 100 years. Relatives of the actress worried, how will the festivities arranged for the occasion and where: in the cinema House? at the Vakhtangov theatre, where she served for many years? Son is ready for the transfer of her portraits and personal belongings, as the house to remember the star of the Soviet screen will not turn her heirs put the apartment on Novinsky Boulevard for sale. Realtors assessed the property a few kilometers from the Kremlin to 34 million rubles, writes "Express Gazeta".

House # 18 was built after the war on an individual project, on the spot blown up by the Germans in the Empire style mansion of Prince Gagarin, built by Osip Bove in 1817. "Stalin" in front of the American Embassy quickly became populated by the Soviet elite, the walls of the house adorned with signs that lived here before celebrities.

Lyudmila Vasilievna Tselikovskaya lived here since 1954, first with fourth husband, architect Karo Halabyan S. a, (son of Alexander, divorced from his wife Lydia, and put up for sale the family nest approx. — Then with Yuri Lyubimov, when he was her civil husband and the main Director of Theatre on Taganke. Scancell she was here, in 1992.


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