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Alla Pugacheva: "I'm speechless when you look at it" - Stars

Parents wonder to ability 5-year-old Lisa

Julia Гончарова14 APR 2019 15:29471251

Алла Пугачева: «Я теряю дар речи, когда смотрю на нее» - Звезды -

Alla Pugacheva with daughter Лизой

Tomorrow star of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva celebrates its anniversary. Course, now show a lot of different TV shows dedicated to the Diva. In the Studio of the program "Tonight" came the artist herself, her family members, close friends, among them the couple Yudashkina, Philip Kirkorov, the group A'studio, Valery Leontiev and many others.

In addition to the creativity of the artist, guests recalled how they varied from year to year her costumes. If you compare the images of 80-ies and 90-ies — we have totally different performer.

"I used to love hats and caps now!", — shared the actress.

Алла Пугачева: «Я теряю дар речи, когда смотрю на нее» - Звезды -

The actress loved кепки

But my mother's hats are not in vain. According to Galkina, they wears daughter.

"And our daughter Lisa are your hats! This is your hat she tried on?!", — addressed to the wife of Maxim Galkin. ‒ "I think it's generally all trying to copy you".

"I don't know what to say! I'm speechless when you look at it," admitted Joe.

Алла Пугачева: «Я теряю дар речи, когда смотрю на нее» - Звезды -

Lisa copies мать

Girl is really growing very creative. She likes to sing, dance and, of course, spin in front of the mirror in my mother's things. Recently, Lisa has participated in his first fashion show — children's collection was presented by the daughter of Valentin Yudashkin.


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