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Pugacheva celebrates its 70th birthday - Star -

The singer accepts congratulations on the anniversary

Catherine Лабухина15 APR 2019 10:2223580

Пугачева отмечает свой 70-й день рождения - Звезды -

God Peacefully Sharlovskoe

April 15 one of the most famous and successful Russian pop singers Alla Pugacheva celebrates its 70th anniversary. For more than 40 years she shines on stage and is the actual heroine secular Chronicles. In 1991 she was awarded the title "people's artist of the USSR". In 1999, the newspaper "MK" awarded her the title "Singer of the century", and "Singer of the year" recognize "Change", "change!", "Komsomolskaya banner", chart TASS and others.

Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov)on 14 Jun 2019 11:58 PDT

One of the first social networks the actress was congratulated by ex-husband Philip Kirkorov. In his address on the personal page "of Instagram," he thanked her "for inspiration", "power", "motivation", "desire to live and do things". The king of pop admitted that ex-wife has saved him in difficult moments. "You gave up so much and you have so many left that it is impossible to imagine that a man, a woman, so can a bear. Great people, there are many, it is perfect and it does not diminish the importance of the word, but YOU are special from all the great, talented, subtle, brilliant people" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — said the showman, which is also called the birthday girl is the personification of our country.


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