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Photo of mom grooves caused heated discussion in the Network

The skater has published home the

Skater Tatiana Navka is the owner of a stunning figure. Loyal female fans on her microblog write that dream to look the same and even jealous of her. But we all know what strenuous exercise and daily training Tatiana is not on the body not a drop of excess fat. Today, the athlete opened another secret, which looks so beautiful too. It turns out that the love of the sport, it is passed from mom. Raisa Anatolyevna worked as an economist in the sphere of hotel business all his life, fond of sports. She gave her older Tanya in the section of figure skating. As recalled Raisa Anatolievna, she saw on TV a performance of the famous Elena Vodorezova and was so impressed that he wanted the same fate and his daughter. After retirement, Tatyana's mother often comes to her house, playing with grandchildren and preparing favorite athlete since childhood, soups and burgers. Raisa Anatolyevna — the woman is still active and even was the head of the HOA, so no wonder she still continues to play sports. The famous daughter introduced her to yoga, where the woman has already achieved some success. Photo sessions Navka has published in his Instagram, not without pride by signing the picture: "with mom doing yoga. Here is what I have, admire her!!! As the saying goes: an Apple from the tree, not falling!!!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

Фото мамы Навки вызвало бурное обсуждение в Сети

Mother athletes Raisa Anatolevna is engaged in йогой

Members asked how many years Raisa Anatolievna. As announced skater, a woman 62 years. Readers are bombarded mom sportswomen compliments. They were surprised that, despite the years, she is active and has a great figure. And praised her for what she supports in all of the daughter and sports.

Фото мамы Навки вызвало бурное обсуждение в Сети

tatiana_navka: "Share your achievements!!!"

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