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Olga Bartunkova will not dishonor his name

The actress said, which cost her to lose weight, and threatened to fraudsters trying to cash in on its success

The captain of KVN "Pyatigorsk" Olga Bartunkova is now an inspiration for many who dream to lose weight. Another would be: during the year the actress managed to lose 54 kg and completely changed his appearance. But, along with fans and followers of Olginym experience interested and con artists selling "miracle-means" promising the same impressive result, which made up Bartunkova. No wonder it disturbs an artist who knows firsthand what it's like to struggle with bad habits and a constant feeling of hunger. Finding on the Internet another firm-a liar, Olga wrote all what he thinks about it.

Ольга Картункова не даст позорить свою фамилию

The artist wrote what he thought about scams

"So firm-Smyrna You for a split second, no idea how difficult it is to achieve success, take the stairs, fall to rise to fall to rise, earn credibility, not to lie and for the truth to get in the face, and not continue to lie, and again to the face, to raise an army and try to find the words to the spirit to make them stronger, and looking at them to rejoice, and not to break itself..." (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — described by the star that she had to endure over the last year.

Also Bartunkova told that she was depriving myself of all those years when you weighed about 130 kg: "38 eat like a pig, not bothered what, and how, to pick up a bunch of sores, losing multiple views of men, jealous of pretty girls, hearing the taunts and causing even contempt from some, a lot of losing a dear and beloved..."

Olga admitted that she did not fit in my head how the scammers could muster the audacity to think that their "miracle powder" was able to help her: "And you think that you came into my life with their powders, chocolates, lings carves, sokoliny, Herbalife and some garbage and stripped me of all problems and prevent from various troubles!!!"

Ольга Картункова не даст позорить свою фамилию

For the year Olga has lost 54 кг

Bartunkova threatened to sue if dishonest people will use her name to "Disgrace my name, and so dishonor the name of my children, and for children, I can hurt, and hurt is hurt. And if I God forbid I find out that someone from the people who you believe (so believe me, ' cause this shit that I advertise, and because of this the result of me)... I go over the law."

The actress appealed to the fraudsters and has called for their conscience: "Stop trying to poison people, lie, go to work, prove yourself, prove something, do not take a sin on soul, all in God's hands... and if you are not smart enough for anything else, give yourself to science, to whom it is needed ... cockroaches ... you that's who you are ... no use, no conscience, no soul..."

She also made the suggestion of losing weight ladies, who want to lose weight effortlessly: "my Followers, find out who bought this garbage, I will kill him. How to lose weight writing in the book, you want to wait, want to act and not waste time. Be proud of your victories."

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