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Polina Gagarina denied "waiting for a miracle"

Because of the pregnancy of the singer scandal

Now days the Network discusses the scandal over a statement by Polina Gagarina. The actress reacted angrily to statements by leading show, which was held in Minsk. The singer showed a video. On it the host of the concert says that supposedly at the request of most Pauline she reports that the singer is very sad that she will miss the concert, but she could have at this moment already can "see the miracle". "You know what I mean," explained the girl from the stage. Pauline, who at this moment is clearly not going to give birth, are unable to restrain emotions in Instagram.

"At a concert at Minsk Arena... there was a situation, forcing me to make this statement... From the stage during a concert presenter Alina Artts on my behalf (!!!) said that I was not able to participate in the concert due to the fact that right now we are "waiting for the miracle, which can happen from minute to minute," etc., etc. This false message to the channel misled all the spectators, being in the moment, and also my fans, partners and many media. At my request, for refutation of this information, I got flatly refused..." (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — said the frustrated singer.

Then Polina has officially announced that refutes this information, as well as the fact that her participation in the concert was confirmed. "That's not true. We refused the performances for the month prior to the event! I am sincerely sorry that the partners are not responsible for their words and actions and don't value friendship. I'm not familiar with the woman who, again, on my behalf, communicated with the audience. Moreover, I never heard that before. It's unprofessional, it's just beyond good and evil — speaking from my face with such confidence such nonsense", — concluded the star.

Полина Гагарина опровергла «ожидание чуда»

Polina Gagarina outraged by the statement that it is on сносях

Fans of the singer, of course, was in shock, because they believe that Gagarin was expecting a baby. However, most likely, the performer meant that he was not going to give birth right now. And the fact that she did not come, is not connected with the pregnancy of the singer. Thus, Pauline still keeps the intrigue about his "interesting situation", is not confirming and not denying it.

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