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George Clooney: "At my 56 I'll-go-go kind of father"

WomanHit remembered the incredible love story of a couple who will soon become parents

In early February it became known that George and Amal Clooney are preparing to become parents for the first time. And last week the actor finally shared with fans their feelings about the pregnancy of his wife. WomanHit listened to George and I remember the touching love story of star couples.

"We are very happy and excited. It will be an incredible adventure. And we prepare for it with open arms," admitted George Clooney. As earlier reported, the mother of actor, Nina Clooney, Amal is pregnant with twins — a boy and a girl. Kids have to be born in June, when the movie star is already fulfilled 56 years. However, George is not much about his age. "Jean-Paul Belmondo was 70 when his second wife gave him a child. So I'm still quite a-go-go in my 56 when they are born," — smiling, has noticed Clooney.

An addition to the family will be the logical continuation of the incredible story of George and Amal. Hollywood actor and British lawyer originally from Lebanon met at lake Como in Italy where George has a Villa. "She was a friend of my friend who once went to visit me — says Clooney. — From the first second I met her, I saw she was absolutely incredible. And a moment later realized that we should be together. And since then started to literally chase her down, throwing letters and annoying phone calls for several weeks."

And George succeeded. Soon friendships became romantic, and six months later after Dating a confirmed bachelor of Hollywood he wanted to go down the aisle and decided to make Amal a proposal. "It wasn't so: "Can we get married?" It was all planned. I made dinner. He hid the ring. Romance of the background I included the song to his late aunt rosemary "Why Shouldn't I". Amal still suspected nothing — says Clooney. I asked him to give me the lighter, she opened the box and saw the ring. "Oh, the ring," she said as if it was there because someone forgot it. This is not the reaction I expected. My face displayed a range of emotions. But I got down on one knee and said, "I can't imagine my life without you." She looked at the ring, then at me, and only repeated: "my God!" It lasted 25 minutes. We know that because after I spotted how much time are those songs that I put for the background. And in the end I gave up and menacingly said: "I need an answer. I was 52 years old, and if I so stand, I will dislocate her hip." And it worked. She said "Yes".

George and Amal announced their engagement in April 2014. And in September of the same year he played in Venice a lavish wedding. The celebration lasted for four days and was widely covered in the press and cost newlyweds $ 13 million.

But after the wedding, Clooney never ceases to admire his wife and is even ready for the whole world to recognize that it is far superior to him in intellect. "If we argue with her about something, the only chance for me to win is to offer a fight on his hands. In armwrestling I'm clearly stronger. But if it is an intellectual battle, I lose outright, — has said the actor. — I even have no doubts that my wife is smarter than me. But I love this. It's fine when next to you is someone who is smarter". Although there is something Amal's quite competent. "She is well able to book tables in the restaurant and to order food, but cooking is not her Forte, laughing, Frank George. — But I am a good cook. For a long time I lived alone, so I know how to cook to eat. I make good pasta, because often in Italy. I make good breakfasts. And can cook a great dinner for thanksgiving. The more to cook for his beloved wife, my pleasure". "I don't know what alchemy brought us together, but I am incredibly proud to be her husband," admits Clooney.

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