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Vadim Kazachenko has filed a lawsuit on Kate Gordon

And she spoke about the details of the marriage of the singer and got a lawyer ex-husband Ksenia Borodina

All amazing and surprising unfolding situation around court proceedings between the singer Vadim Kazachenko and his now ex-wife Olga, who is expecting his child. As you know, the court recognized the marriage of a fictitious singer. However, as it turned out, the decision was based on information provided by the husband, since the wife and her representatives were absent. Interesting details in your Instagram told Kate Gordon, who, despite the fact that recently gave birth to a son, continues to represent an interesting Olga Kazachenko.

"December 19, 2016 in Gagarinsky court Judge Rodnikova U. A. decided, without hesitation, to recognize the marriage Kazachenko fictitious. All court session on the case of fictitious marriage held without the participation of Olga Dmitrievna. The court directed Olga Kazachenko telegram the call for the meeting at the apartment belonging to Irina Amanti, although the fact, established public... in the program "Let them talk", is the residence of Olga Kazachenko after the collapse of the family in the home of her mother and grandmother" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — written in the microblog journalist.

Gordon further told that "the court "informed" Olga Dmitrievna phone number and e-mail, which she never belonged. These contact details were communicated to the court by the representative Vadim Kazachenko". But what is most interesting, it turned out that during the proceedings was not communicated to the main information — the fact that Olga is pregnant! In addition, the singer said that the wedding was not any festivals, but photo evidence on the Internet suggests the opposite.

Вадим Казаченко подал в суд на Катю Гордон

Interests Olga Kozachenko is in court Kate ГордонINSTAGRAM.COM/KATYAGORDON

In General, lawyers Olga Kazachenko link the desire of Vadim to admit the marriage was a sham with the purpose of the waiver of alimony and a claim of unjustified enrichment Olga, because at the time of marriage, the singer gave the girl some money.

By the way, as the defendant will have to play it mom Kate Gordon. Became known that Vadim Kazachenko has filed a lawsuit against the blonde representing the interests of Olga. But what is most interesting, this situation Kate seems amused. So she decided to make a knight's move, hiring your lawyer... former husband Ksenia Borodina Mikhail Terekhin! Man some time ago passed the examination for the status of a lawyer.

"Stupidity should be treated with a smile. I decided to compose a simple juxtaposition: the sex symbol of days gone by who did the lawsuit against me is completely idiotic in my opinion and the sex symbol of the reality that communication was a smart, kind guy! Taking bets;))", — commented on his decision blonde.

Vadim Kazachenko, Kate Gordon

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