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Today, March 1, the Day cat

WomanHit found out the star in whose heart is the way these creatures with their soft feet

Vlad Lisovets and the Bandit

Eleven years ago, Vlad Lisovets found in the garbage a little kitten. At first it was even hard to assume what color he is. Washed and fed, he grew up in a large, white, handsome with eyes of different colors. Vlad loves the cat, the Gangster pays him back, even allows the stylist to experiment on my hair — one is a Thug emblazoned with the tip of the tail, colored pink. Two months ago, the cat eleven-year-old said.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Bandit said 11-летие

"Someone yesterday is not bad noted 11 anniversary" (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx, — signed photo stylist.

Anastasia and lucky

If a dancer puts in social networks photos taken in the house, then in 70% of cases the lens gets handsome lucky. It seems that the color of a pet Anastasia picked up a house interior is white. This is the second cat that gets Volochkova, the first disappeared. So much so that Volochkova Ariadna was literally shaking over the new pet.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Lucky Волочковой

Not so lucky was partying like its predecessor, cat neutered.

Will Paul and Boomer

Several years ago Paul started a cat of the breed Maine Coon. Whether Paul before purchase knew nothing about the breed or the breeder was not warned, but the humorist was a shock when the kitten grew into a twenty-kilogram cat. Like the Boomer, it has a black color.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Boomer Paul Воли

"Boomer. Record for likes. Though I never begged. Never in my response did not offer mutual. Not lying in the feet of the huskies. Just quietly and with dignity lying in the grass. And he will take his", — signed photo of Will.

Natalia gulkin and the Scots

Natalie — the cat lady. One of the ten photos on Instagram definitely devoted to her Pets, and she has three. It's a silver chinchilla and two Scottish fold smoky. Judging by the photo, the cats in this house do anything.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

A bunch of cats Natalia Гулькиной

Ksenia Borodina and Shanti

At presenter at home the whole zoo to the delight of children. But the main place is still the cat Shanti. Pet trying to avoid too much foreplay, but it is not always possible.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Shanti Borodina doesn't want яблочко

Anastasia Makeeva, Roxy and her friends

The actress a lot of animals — she always parked puppies and kittens in good hands. But among this beasts particular nobility are two cats colour "chinchilla" — Roxie and her sister.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Cat Anastasia Макеевой

Angelika Varum, Scent, Oska and other

Leonid Agutin and Varum Ageliki live a few cat breeds in Singapore, they are very small, but with huge eyes, like aliens.

Сегодня, 1 марта, отмечается День кошек

Scent Of Angelica Варум

"Scent, waited for "mother" from the concert. Now will sit on my lap for about forty minutes, at least! It is impossible to stand, to move, to change position is not desirable, otherwise the cat would be put to anathema. Sitting... Waiting for the General to pass the baton", signed Angelica photo.

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