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Kate Middleton is tired of the irresponsibility of the husband?

The Duchess secretly visiting the forum for young mothers

Kate Middleton is the epitome of a perfect woman: a reliable and faithful wife, a loving mother, always cheerful and smiling. But what goes on behind closed doors of Kensington Palace, is unknown. And it is possible that the Duchess, like many other women, too, sometimes do not know how to deal with rambunctious kids and get her husband to help her in the upbringing of the offspring. And that she, too, sometimes want to complain about a hard female share and look for support from casual acquaintances on the Internet.

A hint that this may indeed be, given the other day spouse Kate. Some time ago on one of the charity events Prince William and Duchess Kate met with Justine Roberts — co-founder of popular UK online forum for moms. And in conversation with her the heir to the throne jokingly suggested that his wife will probably also visit this Internet site. What Ms. Roberts noticed that the vast majority of the forum's participants discuss their irresponsible and lazy husbands who shifted on their shoulders all parental responsibilities and almost no help to them.

However, Justin was quick to reassure William that all publications on the website are printed anonymously, so that their Kate problems, if they exist, nobody will know.

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