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Evelina Bledans teases fans with new chest

The actress showed Frank the result of the work of a plastic surgeon

Evelina Bledans — the girl quite Frank, she's happy to talk about where it happens and what to do and, without hesitating, speaks of those interventions in their appearance, which she decided. For a long time on a question, whether you have visited a plastic surgeon Bledans responded that it is satisfied enough with the services of beauticians. And, as it turned out, it was really true. With the plastic Bledans waited until the last minute. And recently she made a plastic surgery breast augmentation. Video evidence of this process appeared in the Network. In the video, the artist admits that he pulled the plastic up to the last. Bledans told that naively thought how beautiful her colleagues and how smart they have Breasts until I found out that all this is the result of plastic surgeries.

The reason why Evelyn is still decided on surgical intervention, is the desire to pose for a men's magazine. And the overall shape of the breast has changed, especially after the birth of her second child. Now the artist can bare. She was even willing, finally, to meet the request of the Directors to be in a wet t-shirt.

And a first shoot with a new chest not long in coming. Bledans laid out in the microblog is quite erotic the, through which all fans were able to assess the results of the work of a plastic surgeon. In the picture Evelyn is standing against the wall in a jacket without sleeves, necklace and pants. No more clothes in the photo is not captured. Under the jacket is pretty well illustrated the dignity of the actress.

Wanted naughty - tease thanks to the photographer @marinaz_photo this beauty.

Publication of Evelina Bledans (@bledans) Mar 1 2017 at 1:03 am PST

"I wanted to fool around — tease," commented the star.

It should be noted that it teased its subscribers seriously. On Bledans was hit by a wave of admiring reviews. Also, fans could not help but notice the flat stomach of the actress. However, in this case, they say, without the intervention of a surgeon: just Evelyn carefully watching what eats and what it looks like.

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