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Oksana Samoilov discusses the education of children subscribers

Model asking advice from fans-parents

In anticipation of warm spring days famous model, wife of rapper Djigan, Oksana Samoilov asked a question early development of children.

"When Ariel was about 3 years old, she knew in English just unreal the number of words, a little more and she would have talked, then came the summer cottage, vacation, etc. Classes was abandoned and in the autumn she did not know anything at all — just a blank sheet, about the same happened with all other knowledge, "not on age," says Samoilov.

Оксана Самойлова обсуждает воспитание детей с подписчиками


Now with another daughter, Leah, Oksana changed the strategy. "Don't overload her, but I give only classes by age and the most important is the verses, poems and more poems, so many poems we learn. Not that she knew them, but in order to train and develop memory is a major investment, and nothing to excess. Pro sports do not say, physical activity is always the maximum of both," says Oksana.
In conclusion of his argument, Oksana asked its subscribers: "How do you think, is there any point in 2 years of trying to teach a child to read and to multiply three-digit numbers? Or is it the knowledge age?"

daughter, Oksana Samoilov

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