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Son of Valerie meets with Adelina Sotnikova?

Artemy Shulgin came out with an Olympic champion

The next Russian Prime Minister made a lot of noise in the corridors. In particular, she was discussing the fans of the singer Valeria. The fact that yesterday at the presentation of a new film project appeared the eldest son of the singer Artemia, but not alone, but in the company of a skater, the Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova. The girl looked very romantic in black dress with white lace. And shiny shoes and long socks gave way, the youth playfulness.

The pair were photographed and acted completely at ease. At some point, Artemiy even put her arm around the waist of the athlete. According to rumors, the young people have long been friends, really, what kind of this friendship, the fans don't know yet.

A joint campaign of the pair in the movie has caused a storm of discussions. Looking at young people, many for some reason decided that between them the novel.

By the way, mother of Artemis, Valeria, aware of this friendship, as she came together with young people and her husband Joseph Prigogine. And even posted a frame, where sealed Artemy and Adeline.

Сын Валерии встречается с Аделиной Сотниковой?

Valeria came to the premiere with her son Artemy and his girlfriend Adelina Сотниковой

We will remind that about the personal life of the younger son of Valerie Arseniy Shulgin know much more than the life of his brother of Artemis. Not so long ago, fans witnessed a scandalous history, when Arseniy even left the house for the girl — 21-year-old model Anna Sheridan. Fortunately, the family still took the beauty, and now, Arseny, this plan is no problem. According to this publication, Adelina Sotnikova Valeria and Prigozhin was also attended with pleasure.

Valeria, Adelina Sotnikova, Artemy Shulgin

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