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The dance of Navka and Kadyrov, has sparked controversy in the Network

Fans are discussing luxurious reception with gold flash drives and branded handbags in Grozny

The second day in the secular parties gossiping about the reception in Grozny, who gave the family Kadyrov. The eldest daughter of Ramzan Akhmatovich Aishat presented his first collection of women clothes of his fashion house what WomanHit wrote yesterday.

Photos and videos posted in social networks of the capital guests of the head of Chechnya, amaze the beauty and grandeur with which the festival was held. Rumor has it that all attendees were presented with luxury gifts: handbags Louis Vuitton; gold stick, encrusted with diamonds; perfume; outfits of the Fashion house Aishat Kadyrova. Of course, evil tongues have not bypassed appearance socialite, who in Moscow look quite different than the reception in Grozny. All the girls changed causing the outfits to long dresses, war paint on modest makeup and their heads covered with scarves.

Танец Навки и Кадырова вызвал споры в Сети

Svetlana Bondarchuk and Tatiana Navka and Aishat Kadyrova, Ramzan and other guests праздника

And the dance of Tatiana Navka and Ramzan Kadyrov caused a serious dispute in the Network. The head of the Chechen Republic invited the skater to dance, of course, national. The athlete has made a few very nice Kadyrov and moved with him in a circle. Navka has published in his microblog a video which you can watch this moment. "Chechen dance is a symbol of national culture. In ancient times it was believed that the man who came to the wedding, had no right to be able to dance, otherwise he was considered uncivilized. That is why the Chechen families to dance taught from childhood, thereby instilling a love of dance!!!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. have signed a roller skater.

Publication of Tatiana Navka (@tatiana_navka)Mar 2 2017 10:01 PST

It is not clear, especially she was preparing to travel to Grozny and took a few dance lessons or just decided to tell about the Chechen traditions. But the video is very actively began to discuss members of Tatiana. Some admired her grace and beauty. Others began to resent that for the money our stars are ready for everything. Others tried to calculate how much cost the budget for such a luxury holiday.

Ramzan Kadyrov, dance, videos, Tatiana Navka

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