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Children Anisina and Dzhigurda define the future

While the parents were fighting and divorced, their offspring built career plans

Until the chair has decided that he will give divorce to Marina or not, but Nikita tried to understand, Nikita is a monster or just not very healthy, and their children didn't waste any time.

Mick-Angela and Eva-Vlad out on the ice and decided to become famous skaters like mom. Marina am extremely happy.

"While engaged in the Affairs, the children made their choice in favor of the mother's career..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — approx. — wrote in his microblog Marina and put the hashtags: "beginald, #dynasty and #geistlinger".

Дети Анисиной и Джигурды определись с будущим

The children Dzhigurda and Anisina stood on лед

Son of Marina and Nikita 8 years old, daughter 7. This is the age when we can think about a professional career in the sport. However, if Micah doesn't get a second Plushenko, he may be able to specifically disrupt your voice and growl like Dzhigurda.

the children, Nikita Dzhigurda, and Marina Anisina

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