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Sofia Rotaru dramatically younger

A new image has allowed the singer to throw 10 years

Needless to say, Sofia Rotaru always looks great. If you do not remember how old she is, and she also listened to my grandmother in 1980, we can assume her age. True style "Hutoryanki" almost has not changed over the years: the same clothes and hairstyle, along with the voice merged into a single image.

But then Sofia Rotaru struck fans. Small changes in the costume, cut bangs and magic, the actress looks 10 years younger.

Evil tongues immediately remembered the recent story of the "kidnapping" Rotaru. So if the villain is a plastic surgeon?

But all doubts waves are a devoted fan of the singer, Dionysus Trowel is the only external voice double of Sofia Rotaru. He claims that his idol just changed the hairstyle. In proof of this, Trowel, posted on his Instagram photos with updated rotary.

София Ротару резко помолодела

The parodist will have to change имидж

It seems now the impersonator will also have to change the image.

Sofia Rotaru, a new image

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