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Fun ate the dragon?

The presenter shared his impressions about the wonders of Thailand

Russian TV presenter, former VJ of TV channel "MTV Russia" Irena Ponaroshku continues to publish in your Instagram vivid pictures from Thailand, which recently went on vacation with her husband and son. There is a star in yoga, it is recharged with vitamins and sun. While vacationing in Thailand, it's not really published and a recent photograph of his son, Seraphim.

The son of the leading popular goes to a special kindergarten, where children speak English and play educational michelinie the game. For fun she tries to give the child time accustomed to healthy food and tempering. In his microblog Irena shared the recent pearl of the son: "he has all the original equipment in the mute position is not provided, he even talks in his sleep! Most recently: "Mom, don't eat the dragon, we're vegetarian!" Woke up all sweaty from terror and looked at me full of fear and mistrust eyes, looked around, as if looking for the pan with the goulash from the dragon cut. So I want to ask the administration Control Center Dreams: you Guys sure his products 5+ show?!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx.

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