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Son Jennifer Lopez angered her revealing outfits

Nine-year-old boy asked the mother to dress

Costumes Jennifer Lopez in all its glory show the audience all of her charms. However, if fans of the erotic outfits artist appeal to someone such revelations do not really like. And this is the native son of J. Lo.

Сын Дженнифер Лопес возмущен ее откровенными нарядами

Jennifer with her son Максом

"You know, I've said Max? — said the singer in a talk show, leading of which is her sister Linda. — He said, "Mom, why do you often go bare ass on stage? You should often wear pants." "That's why I'm crazy about this boy," laughed Linda.

Сын Дженнифер Лопес возмущен ее откровенными нарядами

Son of J. Lo asked my mom often wear trousers during выступления

However, Jennifer knew how to reply to a comment son. "Well honey, your mom is an artist. And besides, I'm not naked, I'm covered with crystals," said I to him," — said the pop star. How to react to the seductive costumes, the daughter of J. Lo, twins max and Emma, the singer said.

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