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Elena Sparrow will be the rival Roses Sabitova

The artist will help to organize personal life to their friends

Elena Sparrow will appear in an unexpected key to their fans. The actress will once again learn a dramatic actress... and matchmaker rolled into one! The star will play a cheerful and slightly ditzy heroine in a play Nina Chusova on the play by Valeria Mukharyamova "the Man delivered to your house." The heroes of Comedy is not an easy task — at any price to achieve personal happiness. Elena Sparrow plays the role of Margaux, that is character, which in modern language can be called a matchmaker.

For umoristici that fans are accustomed to seeing "on TV", and experience the drama of the game.

"I was educated at the Leningrad theater Institute (LGITMiK) — "the Actor of theatre, stage and cinema" (workshop Isaac Shtockbant). Not to say that I became or decided to become a dramatic actress. First, all my life it was. Drama actor — the concept is quite broad and multifaceted: the person who can play Comedy or drama, is fluent in speech stage, knows the basics of music literacy and, consequently, can perform solo, to perform some musical numbers. You could say I received an education that allows me to do many things and not be confined to any particular role. So I always allowed myself to combine the stage and the theatrical stage — to bring on stage more artistry, and on the stage a bit more crankiness.

Елена Воробей станет конкуренткой Розы Сябитовой

Elena Sparrow will take the device to someone else's personal Islamically press services

Besides, "the man with the home delivery" is not the first attempt at writing for me as a dramatic actress. I have several antrepriznyh performances, with success coming in various stages: IT "Argentina", "Love in Italian", "You are my God" and "love is not a joke", — said the artist

By the way, despite the fact that the heroine Elena have staged to become a "competitor" Rose Sabitova in life, she never engaged in such things. However, after the performance the artist does not exclude that will think about a new lesson in life.

"Every house, every family wants to bring good luck and wish not to lose dignity and faith in the fact that certainly all will be well!" said the Sparrow.

rose Sabitova, Elena Sparrow

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