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Olga Buzova was injured at a concert

Trail from injury, will remain at the leading for life

Olga Buzova recently regularly unlucky during her public appearances. She fainted during a speech at the concert, she became ill during the presentation of a new hit on the court reality show. It shows a photo of the house where lying on the sofa under a dropper. And here is another incident: during a concert Buzova was injured on an expensive bracelet, which she herself dreamed of. Buzova about an event told in his Instagram.

"Many people write and are worried about me because of an injury during a speech ... my dear, did not write about the incident immediately in order not to upset, but the photo with the bandage already all over the Internet. I never thought that a nail bracelet which I wanted for so long, and fail me at the most opportune moment" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — said the star.

She also told that the location of the injury left a scar. "Now I have a mark on your wrist for life, the doctor, who yesterday was bandaged, said that before the wedding live! Thank God I'm not going there. What other tests I'll make a scene known only to her?! But I will not give up, because #molytisidae," commented Buzova.

Olga accompanied the post photo, which shows her pain during the procedure ligation. At the point of injury quite a lot of blood.

Ольга Бузова поранилась на концерте

Buzova was injured on road браслет

However, not all fans of the leading divided the whole tragedy of the situation. Some felt that with their dramatichnyj stories budding actress already overdone and starts to repeat. And the little things makes big event.

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