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Tatiana Bulanova and Vladislav Radimov reunited

In the microblog of the athlete began to appear again photos ex-wife

In December 2016 it became known that the singer Tatyana Bulanova is divorcing her husband, a football coach Vladislav Radimov. The couple who had been married for 11 years, suddenly announced the breakup. The reason why is still unclear. Tatyana asserted that her relationship with her husband was missing harmony, and in the press leaked rumors that the athlete has long lied to his wife: supposedly 7 years he lived in two families (mistress Radimov called fitness trainer Irina Yakovleva). However, all this did not prevent Tatiana and Vladislav to maintain friendly relations after divorce, and recently on the Network even rumors that the pair are back together. In the microblog of the athlete began to appear again pictures ex-wife. As it turned out my birthday Bulanova spent with Radimov.

"Hometown, dear Tatiana ! Happy Birthday to Krasotulka!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed Vladislav photo, which embraces ex-wife.

Birthday OConnor in the way of Petersburg-Kazan-Astrahanochka two took Shpak did not take#birthday#

The publication from Vlad Radimov (@radimov02) Mar 6 2017 9:46 PST

Fans frame softened, and the curious began to find out, so don't make up whether Tatiana and Vladislav. But neither the singer, nor a football coach for comments not replied.

Vladislav Radimov Tatyana Bulanov

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