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Nastya Zadorozhnaya made against feminists

And erotic photos cheered the stronger sex

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya had wonderful advance men in honor of March 8. The actress posted a photo in the clothes of the colors. So she decided to cheer up men that they got up from the sofa and went to buy flowers for your loved ones.

According to Nasti, all the congratulations coming in today from her friends and the gentlemen extinct? She admitted that she was "embarrassing for men."

Настя Задорожная выступила против феминисток

Absolutely nothing носить

"How strange the situation. My phone is attacked by congratulating the girls with the "devochkoy" holiday! As if every girl is worried about everyone else that suddenly no one will congratulate you, though girlfriend support." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — outraged Nastya. "The boys — fantastic. Today, as never tear the 5th point! It is not normal! That smelled over the edge and this second. Direct embarrassing for men to her God," she wrote.

March 8, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, erotic photos

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