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Pelagia told me how she's a mother

The singer admitted that her daughter changed her

As you know, January 21 Pelagia gave birth to a daughter who was named Taisia. Now the artist is laughing at him and jokingly calls "Taskina mother." The singer doesn't like to talk about his personal life, but for Ivan Urgant she made exceptions. The presenter invited pelage to his Studio on March 8. The singer with pleasure has told about their parent everyday life. Like all moms, she has studied a lot of literature. Somewhere she read that the child, when the mother first sees at birth, remembers her image for life. So the singer to leave was very thorough. She wore makeup, put in order the hair — in General, did everything to please his daughter.

Пелагея рассказала, какая она мать

The singer was the guest of Ivan Урганта

Turns out the artist has no assistants and she is the one engaged with its six-week girl. Pelageya admitted that most of all she didn't like to walk with a stroller, especially now, when the snow melts and floats dog "snowdrops". So now the artist goes with her daughter on the street once and two hours. Also the young mother told the TV host that much not getting enough sleep because have to get up every two hours, and now she can sleep even standing. The fact that now the baby has colic, and that she is very capricious. Pelageya and her husband Ivan Telegin jokingly call girl Minister of the Bunch, because she is very strict, not smiling and all the while with a frowning brow.

"I changed the daughter", — admitted the actress. A young mother tries all the time to give Taisia. She shows her special developing black and white pictures, sings songs and wants to join the pool. They with my daughter watching the hockey game and not miss a single match of CSKA, the striker of which is Ivan Telegin. To view the game they are specially prepared: Pelagia and Taisia put on the form of the hockey club. "Daughter just like him, spitting image, only without the beard yet," said Pelagia.

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