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Teona Dolnikova gave birth to first child

32-year-old actress stopped to hide the fact that for the first time became a mother

Teona Dolnikova gave birth to a son. The baby's father was the actor Maxim Schegolev, which is the star of the musical "Metro" is already more than a year. The artist likes to comment on his personal life, so other details are not yet known, what is clear is that 32-year-old Theon is now very happy. The exact date of birth into the light Dolnikova also not reported, but fans assume that the star became a mother in February. And three days ago stopped this fact to hide. It is noteworthy that the kid artist mentioned in the video, which was dedicated to the deceased mother of the groom Nikita Bychenkova.

Tatyana!!! My beloved, beautiful!!! Happy birthday! Thank God for our meeting! I know that the birthday is now will never be the same, but still let the day on your face will smile! Just know and remember that Jake is looking out for you and happy if you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @tatiana10951

Publication from Actress Teona Dolnikova (@dolnikova) Mar 6 2017 12:34 PST

The video appeared in the microblog of Dolnikova. Theon sang Tatiana G. in honor of her birthday and apologized that the son has not yet been possible to do it in person. And in the caption to the congratulatory message said: "Just know and remember that Jake there looks at you and rejoices when you are well!"

Теона Дольникова родила первенца

Now Teona Dolnikova happy with Maxim, Sagalevitch:

Recall that the beloved Dolnikova died suddenly of a heart attack in June 2014. Theon is very grieved at the death of a young man. And only a year ago in a press there were news that actress heart again not free.

son, the firstborn, Teona Dolnikova

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