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What happened with Sasha Savelyeva?

WomanHit found out what the singer on March 8 was in the emergency room

Fans of the second day worried about the soloist of group "Factory" Sasha Savelyev. Yesterday, when everything was laid out in his microblog pictures of bouquets, which they presented to the beloved men, gifts or selfie with your friends at the gala dinner, the singer published a picture of a sewn up hand. The photo shows that on the left hand of the actress wound, apparently quite deep, as is visible swelling and the skin. Alexander did not spread what happened to her is what the media spread all sorts of rumors and fans of the singer was seriously worried.

Что случилось с Сашей Савельевой?

The singer was badly cut ладонь

WomanHit contacted Savelyeva and found out all the circumstances of yesterday.

"This March 8 was for me a truly memorable, — said the singer. — In the morning I went for a walk, it was very slippery, I could not resist on his feet, fell and his left hand stuck in sticking out of the asphalt a sharp piece of metal. I seriously cut my hand — I had to go to the emergency room to be cleaned and closed the wound. Doctors promised, that then the seam will not be visible. Now I feel fine, but the arm still hurts. And I encourage everyone: be careful!"

Also, the singer apologized to fans that due to injury she had to cancel a planned speech.

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