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Why Anastasia went to Thailand

The ballerina shared details of the trip to Asia

Anastasia Volochkova, as it is known, loves to travel. So fans are not surprised, koda has learned that on 8 March, the artist held in Moscow and in Thailand. Even here, several thousand kilometers from Moscow, reached her beloved fans who flooded the Anastasia flowers and congratulations.

The reason for which Volochkova went to Phuket, was not only the desire to once again lie in the sun and the beach, but also taking care of their health. Volochkova in these few days was detox, who came up with her Russian friends. They invited the singer to try to combine the pleasant with the useful, and the dancer agreed.

In Thailand she fed on a special program. Especially strict were three days of rest. The main and only diet Nastya during this period was the green juice. She saw him under a special scheme: every hour a glass of green vegetable juice three times a day coconut water — plain water, too, was banned. However, sun, sea and favorite massage allowed Volochkova to withstand such a diet.

Зачем Анастасия Волочкова ездила в Таиланд

Multivitamin green juice and coconut water steel Nastia main source питания

"If I set myself a goal, I said to her, go. If I said that you need to stand three days, so I'll try to do it. We, the ballet dancers, had a stand — Anastasia admitted WomanHit. — It was difficult only the first day, when I wanted to have".

What is most interesting, despite the tough detox, Volochkova has found the strength to go even on the show star designer Yana Shevchenko, which was held in Thailand. The designer presented dresses and swimwear, painted under Gzhel.

In addition, the dancer had a great time on the boat together with the owners of the hotel, which stopped.

Зачем Анастасия Волочкова ездила в Таиланд

Volochkova enjoyed riding on яхте

Although Volochkova was delighted with the stay in Phuket, work obliged her to return home. A few hours ago Nastya got on the plane and now flies to Moscow. Detox program the artist liked, but to continue it in Moscow, according to the Explorer, can be problematic. "Such fresh exotic vegetables and fruits in Moscow, unfortunately, not find. But I'll try to figure something out", — said the ballerina.

Anastasia Volochkova, travel

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