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Amazing rescue of Michael Porechenkova

Actor Sergey Gubanov showed psychic abilities, protecting a colleague from injury

Now actively removed the new TV series "the fortune Teller" is about the everyday life of the police, revealing the intricate business not only through "classic" investigation, but due to the unusual abilities of psychics. Actors Sergey Gubanov and Michael Porechenkov just playing police. However, the first preference is to work on the scheme, which was studied in the Institute, and the second one hired a fortune teller.

Interestingly, an unusual situation played out not only in the frame, but behind the scenes of the film. So, during the lunch break, the whole crew comfortably settled at the table. And suddenly Sergey Gubanov asked Mikhail Porechenkov to transfer to another place. Michael is without question sat down on another chair. And his place was taken by the group administrator. And suddenly the chair under a young man creaked loudly and collapsed. As a result, the administrator fell to the floor and hit her head hard.

After that case, Sergey Gubanov colleagues began jokingly called "fortune teller". And he continues to impress others with their unusual abilities: the lost things will find, will tell, than will feed at lunch time.

shooting, Mikhail Porechenkov, Sergei Gubanov

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