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Buzova scared of fans call the Ambulance

WomanHit found out what happened to TV presenter and how she feels right now

Increasingly in the media there is information about the poor health of Olga Buzova.

Health problems at the presenter began last year. In early October of 2016 due to the illness of Olga called the doctors and was put on a drip, but the girl was called sister, not the Dmitry Tarasov, then still her legal husband. From that moment, and rumor had it that Carbozyne ran a black cat. Further — more, in December, the TV star suffered flu on their feet. And the result was a drip. Then the doctors strongly recommended her bed rest and was diagnosed with bronchitis. But in the same month on the set of new year's broadcast "the House-2", during a performance of his song "the sounds of kisses" Buzova fainted right on the stage.

In February, the aspiring singer was seriously scared fans, falling into a swoon during his speech in St. Petersburg. Fortunately, a nearby dancer caught her in his arms and carried backstage. Then the unconscious, the environment of the singer explained that during filming for his debut video Olga severely sprained my neck, as she several times had to fall from 3 meters height. The doctors she was prescribed bed rest, but Buzova — the person responsible and could not bring their Russian fans who were waiting for her speech on Valentine's Day.

As Olga admitted in his microblog that hardly ever sleeps and never eats. This is understandable: she still can't recover after a scandalous divorce, and his longing drowns out the work seven days a week. And the press adds fuel to the fire, weekly publishing articles about how doing Tarasov with a new lover Anastasia Kostenko. Here and physically healthy person will not take such loads — three-hour sleep, travel, meetings, broadcasts, concerts.

Бузова напугала поклонников очередным вызовом «Скорой»

TV presenter in the late evening summoned врачей

Yesterday late in the evening Olga again scared of fans. In his microblog she complained that he called the Ambulance, which is in no hurry for her to go: "I Called an ambulance. She is coming to me third hour. Here in this country we live in." The numerous questions of the subscribers, what happened to her, TV personality chose not to answer. contacted the official representative of the presenter and found out what happened to the artist. It turns out that Olga fell ill and felt bad, so I had to call a medical team. Indeed, on 8 March, the star was told, returning in the evening from the shooting you can drink the medicine, tea with lemon and will fall quickly to sleep. Unfortunately, Olga didn't get better.

Fans begging the star to stop, because her body just "screams" that works hard and needs rest.

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