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Kate Gordon went to rehab

Leading went to the Crimea, to recover after childbirth

Kate Gordon shared with subscribers selfie from the Crimea, where I went to rehab after a recent heavy, preterm delivery and blood transfusion. The star admits that she is not easy to get in shape after this, but it is gradually recovering.

"Detox and weight loss for me. I need to recover, and agamogenesis and breathe... to win again;) to be honest for the first time began to understand how the mood has to do with physics... I first appeared phobias and I can't see the needles... start to shake. Plus the feeling that I really don't my blood...;(but there are such wonderful people and I feed and walk and came my main tablet Dan;))" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., — Katya writes in his microblog.

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