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Ilya Glinnikov: "I guess I'll be married soon"

The actor admitted that he met a girl who is ready to make an offer

Ilya Glinnikov became the new hero of the show "the Bachelor," in which the sympathy of the actor have to fight 20 girls. In an interview with "Vibe" Ilya explained why for a long time refused to participate in reality, and also admitted that he had met on the project the person is willing to go through life together.

"I have abandoned this project three times," — said Glinnikov. According to the actor, at first he didn't even understand why he received such an offer.

"You guys picked the wrong person! I'm not a playboy, not a heartthrob. I in life very different, I will spoil everything," explained the producers Ilya. But in the end, the organizers of the show managed to persuade the actor. However, the format of a reality in which girl have to do to attract the attention of a young man, did not like the star of "Interns".

"The first day of shooting I told the girls: "For me blasphemy is what you girls are fighting over here man. I have to do it. Let me get you.“ In relation to all participants of the project, I have different feelings, but from the very first day identified myself to one..." — shared Glinnikov.

According to Ilya, this was the girl he may marry: "I can't believe it, but I may have finally found happiness. <...> I once said that kiss only one girl on this project, which I really like. My path is the path of mistakes, disappointments and hopes. But in the end, I think, here I met the person I want to go on with my life. <...> And maybe I'll make this girl an offer, because I already dream to have a family".

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