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The scandal around the project "Minute of fame" erupted with renewed force

And involved and not involved in it people are willing to speak on this subject

Recall that in early March on "the First channel" broadcasted a "Moment of glory". To compete in the competition came dancer Evgeny Smirnov, who lost a leg in the accident.

The judges his identity has caused a mixed reaction. Renata Litvinova voted for participation of a dancer in the show. But invited to fasten the second leg. Another member of the jury, Vladimir Pozner, voted against the participation of Smirnova in the project. He explained this by the fact that it is not clear how to evaluate it: "the dancer used the forbidden". "When a man goes out as you, without feet, it is impossible to say no. There is no protection against this — well, just don't," said Pozdner.

Then the jury began to discuss and criticize from all sides. Litvinov even closed his page in the social network.

So Maxim Fadeev in Instagram wrote that the term "amputee" really exists, but if such a word was heard in the American TV show, "immediately a talker at least would have gone to court and paid the penalty for the public insult and humiliation of man."

"Amputee?! Are you serious?! This is the First?! What I saw in the air of "minute of fame" to his Wife Smirnov and Victoria Starikova, unacceptable!!!", — said Elena Volatile.

She had to explain for his words — she said she puts people with disabilities first. The actress said that these people are already winners, having gone through their pain and loss.

"This is exactly conquering heroes. I don't understand how they can be judged is unfair. What they did, cannot be inserted in any contest. They are so above it all", — said Litvinov.

Meanwhile, the "First channel" dismissed employee of the Directorate of music and entertainment programs, which issued the "pearl" of the judges in the air.

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