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The causes that could lead to the death of Alexander Razin

Pediatric cardiologist Helen MURASHKO told "MK" about the common illnesses in this age

We will remind, on March 10, Alexander Razin was walking with a girl near the Swamp area. Suddenly he became ill, and he fell. The passerby called an ambulance and the boy was immediately taken to the 1st City hospital. Just a few minutes it started to save the doctors, but it was too late.

According to the doctors, Alexander Razin died of a heart attack. According to Andrey Razin, Sasha never complained of heart.

But the load the guy was not small. He was in a special school with advanced study of English, further preparing for admission to MSU, was engaged in motorsports, swimming and wrestling. This set of loads and could cause a failure in the body, says pediatric cardiologist Helen Murashko.

"Heart problems have become very common among 16-year-old youths from large cities. Many of them athletic, pumped up" — makes a disappointing conclusion doctor. "There are several reasons. One of them is sports clubs often under the guise of expensive vitamins offer their customers the use of anabolic steroids. As a result, the level of testosterone in these young people falls to zero, and the body begins to suffer as a whole."

Another important reason for the deterioration of the cardiovascular system in adolescents Elena Murashko said incorrect routine and lack of sleep.

"Now in this age, people sleeping for five hours. Heart rate of them is 70 by rate drops to 45," the doctor says, — "it used to be an indication for hospitalization, and now the doctors just prescribe recommendations."

In addition, the health of Alexander could bring down energy drinks, which now enjoys the youth.

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