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Finally it became known from whom pregnant Anastasia Stotskaya

Artist for the first time in seven years, showing a photo of her husband

Anastasia Stotskaya considers that the work, popularity, the role is one thing, but personal life is different, and it's nobody's business.

So for a long time she kept the father of her son Alexander, whom was six years old. Now, Anastasia is pregnant with her second child, but continues to work.

Fans began to worry: "Is the star of a single mother?"; "How is she going to raise two children?"

Наконец-то стало известно от кого беременна Анастасия Стоцкая

Anastasia with her husband Сергеем

To appease them, the actress finally posted on his Instagram a photo of her husband Sergei, he engaged in business, and they seven years together.

pregnancy, husband, Anastasia Stotskaya

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