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Anastasia Volochkova has made an offer hands and hearts

The ballerina called married incognito

Anastasia Volochkova, as it is known, has recently become a dramatic actress. Its first performance was a production of Joseph Raihelgauz in the School of modern play "Came a man to the woman," where Nastya played one of the main roles. However, the Director has been creative differences with partner Anastasia for the performance of said Baguim, so Volochkova had to leave the production in order to support partner and friend.

However, on this actor's story is not over. The ballerina took part in a new production. Recently, the blonde presented to the public his role in the play "the Lady". Yesterday, the show came and colleagues Nastya on her previous work in the School of modern drama. At the end of the play Volochkova was traditionally greeted with flowers and gifts. As a result, in the dressing room, sorting out the gifts, She found the bouquet, to which was attached a bright note-card. In it, the unidentified man wrote that offers Volochkova hand and heart.

"You are — unearthly woman I would be happy to be every minute of life. Marry me" — reads the inscription.

Most interestingly, neither the dressing room nor at the service entrance of the author of the letter was not there. Actress, trying to figure out from whom this note is remembered for her performances she occasionally noticed the same man who looked at her admiring look and then silently gave the bouquet and left.

Анастасии Волочковой сделали предложение руки и сердца

Anastasia Volochkova after spectacle came back with flowers and a proposal of marriage from незнакомца

"I thought this young man is just an avid theater-goer. But, apparently, he came to the theater not only for the sake of art, because I saw him on my previous play. The impression was that he wanted me to say something, but did not dare", — explained the artist.

By the way, it should be noted that this is not the first such case in the life of a star. As admitted Volochkova, offers of marriage come to her periodically, but she hadn't even seen in person most of these people.

"Men should not be afraid of me I won't bite," jokes the actress.

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