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Scandals, mishaps and surprises of Eurovision

The most vivid incident of the contest, which I still remember.

The Eurovision song contest will be held this year in 61 times, but despite the great experience of the organizers, is a musical contest almost every year, not without surprises, which then all had a long talk. WomanHit remembered the most memorable stories, scandals and curiosities of the contest "Eurovision".

In 1967 at the competition in Vienna, the host announced the results before they were officially counted. She was named the winner of the UK. What is most interesting, at the end of the voting the result has not changed!

In 1985 , the European broadcasting Union introduced a rule forbidding to arrange on the contest unplanned and not shown at the rehearsal surprises. It happened once during the final in Gothenburg presenter lill Lindfors lost her skirt on stage. Of course, the audience was confused, but the leading Unscrew, assuring that the curiosity was planned in advance, just in rehearsal did not appear. But the organizers did not appreciate the humor and introduced this rule.

In 1999, the year the accident occurred with the winner of the previous year, a famous singer Dana international. She came on stage to congratulate the winner from Sweden. Dana was incredibly high heels. In the end, she did not have time to transfer quite heavy award, he staggered and fell, and so badly, that the ceremony had to be interrupted for some time. And Dana even called the doctor.

Скандалы, казусы и неожиданности «Евровидения»

Dana international in 1999 fell right on сцене

But in 2004 year, the representative of Turkey right during the announcement of the voting results of its country live forgot it broadcast all over the world, got distracted... and started poking a finger in the nose. Fortunately, it was not long — the girl immediately returned to reality.

In 2010 year, nearly got done for disorderly conduct one of the fans of the contestant from Spain Daniel Diges. During the performance the artist of the song on the stage suddenly jumped a man who began to dance along with their idol, and even sing along. How he managed to pass the cordon of protection is unknown, but the performance of the Spaniard was spoiled. As a result, he had to perform his hit again. And the troublemaker was a fan artist from Catalonia. And, interestingly, he was warned that he intends to do this, but his words no one took seriously.

The story associated with the plagiarism, proved to be quite sensational in 2013 year, when the Russian competition was attended by Dina Garipova with the song "What If". She performed the smash hit, written by Swedish producers Gabriel Alireza and Joakim Bjornberg. However, according to some experts, the composition places were remarkably similar on a number of hits: From Sarah with love Sarah Connor, My heart will go on Celine Dion and others. However, all charges have failed, and Dean perfectly executed a hit, receiving well-deserved applause.

By the way, the name Garipova has also been another ugly situation. Commentator during the announcement of the participants live called her Dina and Diana. Well at least the name is not confused.

Don't forget about the scandal with the political poddekstom. So, the organizers asked to replace words in the song participants from Georgia in 2009, when they presented the song We don't Wonna stay put in. But in the end they refused to participate.

Скандалы, казусы и неожиданности «Евровидения»

Danilko with the winner 2014 Conchita Вурст

And two years earlier in favor of hit and Ukrainian actor Andriy Danilko with the song "Lasha tumbal", which many have heard the phrase "rush, goodbye". However, Danilko strongly rejected this fact and even managed to take in the competition second place.

Eurovision, scandals, Dina Garipova

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