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Diana Gurtskaya: "Julia Samoilova will not be easy" learned the opinion of the participants of the Eurovision of the previous years of the new contestant

Diana Gurtskaya, represented Georgia in 2008, a member of the Public chamber of Russia

In may, when in Kiev will be held the contest "Eurovision" will be a kind of jubilee — the fifth anniversary of Russia's ratification of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. Of course, the decision about the direction of the contest Yulia Samoilova is a proof that our country has taken all efforts to build a truly equal society.

As for the competition. I like having the experience of participating in it, I can say that this is a huge professional achievement for any artist. This is a huge school, this is an opportunity to present his performance to an audience of millions around the world. I am sincerely glad for Julia and wish her success. The place and the result is not important — the important fact of participation in "Eurovision".

Remember, as a supervisor of the contest Svante Stockselius from Sweden told me at the time: "Diana — you are Yuri Gagarin. First from the Soviet Union who, in spite of the restrictions, entered the European scene. Others will be easier." Of course, it is not. And Julia will not be easy. Because you need to overcome skepticism, to prove that the talent and desire to create are able to create miracles. Plus policy — it will not go away, and that she has not allowed to defeat Sergey Lazarev — the best participant of "Eurovision" last year.

Диана Гурцкая: «Юле Самойловой будет непросто»

Dean, Maripolarama: materials of press-services

Dina Garipova, participated in 2013 took 5th place

— Congratulations to Julia so that she will represent our country at Eurovision this year. I wish her to able to impress everyone because she is very sincere and very strong man, and of course, she's just a great professional. I have repeatedly said that Eurovision is a very unpredictable contest. Therefore, we would like to wish Julia, that she enjoyed his speech. And don't forget that at this moment it will be the whole country. Good luck.

Диана Гурцкая: «Юле Самойловой будет непросто»

Sergey Lazaretto:

Sergey Lazarev participated in 2016, took 3rd place

— I am very happy for Julia. In her face all people with disabilities will be able to feel hope and encouragement. And to understand that any of us can imagine to his country. Plus a performance of Julia will draw attention to the problems of these special people. Including in Russia — I am sure that will be the talk and, maybe, finally, projects, and laws that make life easier for people with disabilities. Of course, Eurovision is a big challenge. But it is clear that Yulia is a fighter. So I wish her the fortitude to cope with all the difficult moments that one way or another will be present, because it's a competition, a great game. She certainly imposed a lot of responsibility, although it is obvious that our participants a strong character and she can handle it. I Wish Julia The Best Of Luck!

Диана Гурцкая: «Юле Самойловой будет непросто»

Natalia Podolskaja:

Natalia Podolskaya, participated in 2005, was ranked 15th

I know how exciting it is to stand on the Eurovision stage. You remember how worried as she worried about me, my family, the guys from "American idol". I wish Julia the best of luck. And let her know that she will support not only family and friends but also the whole country.

the Eurovision song contest, Julia Samoylova

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