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TV presenter Anton Lavrentiev told about his experiences of torture find out the details of what happened

Actor and TV host Anton Lavrentiev, known for the show "heads and Tails. Shopping", shot a video for the song "Monami". Film Director Sergei Lavrentyev Shanovich staged a real test. The shooting lasted for more than 12 hours, and during this time Anton had suffered real torture and pain. In the story his character is constantly beating, using stun guns, whips, brass knuckles, knives, and poured over ice water.

The amazing thing is that the artist is fully supported the idea of the Director. "This video is about love, but hard, sometimes defiant. In my opinion, it's a brilliant idea. Due to the personal embodiment of such a scenario, the song "Monami" reveals a new side of" — shared his thoughts Lavrentiev.

Телеведущий Антон Лаврентьев рассказал о пережитых пытках

According to Lavrentiev, live was hard, but it's about Lubavitch: Cyril Suntsov

The TV presenter had a few hours to hang from the ceiling of the pavilion. But most importantly, he spent three months preparing for this shoot, exhausting yourself with diets and heavy workouts in the gym.

"To prepare for the filming of the video took me three months of fierce training and an even more severe diet, — said the Lavrentiev. But the goal helped to achieve the result, I understand why, and for what it's doing. I admit that during filming, sometimes really really painful. But I had to endure to make this look realistic."

shooting of the clip heads and tails, Anton Lavrentiev

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