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Tarasov has ceased to hide their marital status followed all the UPS and downs of a love of the athlete

After his divorce from Olga Buzova for the personal lives of Dmitry Tarasova continue to monitor not only sports fans, but also fans of ex Karapuzikov. So in the late evening, when the player have used new to Instagram and has organized a live broadcast, we were very surprised how many people waited with him. Dmitry tried to joke, paid no attention to the insults that were written, apparently, supporters of Olga Buzova. The fact that the athlete was at the club with your friends, in the background one could hear the music and fun conversation. As it turned out, Dmitry joined the company with the girl. Fans asked him: "are you single?". And Dmitry not hesitate to answer: "I'm not single". However, most likely fearing said, he decided to confuse: "Or am I idle? I don't know what to say. I'm confused. Me right now watching with a look that I'm not single". Apparently, sitting next to a girl pinched a football player, he gasped and quipped: "of course, the idle was... I — "divorcee"! Of course, I'm the "divorcee"".

The young man never showed who came to the evening with friends. Although the video Amiran Sardalova, best known for "Diaries Hacha", starred in the program "Dmitry Tarasov. Moscow-City. New Kotelniki" in which he showed how an athlete lives after the divorce, Dimitri did not hide the presence of Anastasia Kostenko. This time chose person girlfriend not to show it, though because of the bad picture and so would not be seen. Of course, rumors that Tarasov has changed Kostenko to another.

As it turns out, Dmitry, though not handsome, but is very popular with women. In 2006, the athlete drove his car cute gymnast Oksana. Then, signing a contract with "Tom", left for two years in Tomsk, and Oksana continued to talk on the phone and when it occasionally came to Moscow. Returning to the capital, he married Oksana Ponomarenko, who in 2009 gave birth to his daughter angelina, Anna. However, the child didn't save their marriage. Dmitry and Oksana were still married, when one of the player met with Olga Buzova. They started a dizzying affair. They only dated for a few months when the midfielder of "Locomotive" decided to divorce with Ponomarenko. Then the TV presenter was accused that she was the cause of the disintegration of the family. However, Tarasov claimed that he had long wanted to get away from his wife and TV star is not to blame. Olga and Dimitri were married in the summer of 2012. Their family life was watched by the whole country: the lovers did not hesitate to indulge in their personal lives of strangers all demonstrated in social networks. Their marriage is called perfect, while Tarasov has got a new girlfriend. Anastasia Kostenko, a 22 — year-old model, in 2014 became the winner of the title "Vice-Miss Russia". Up until recently it was called a home wrecker Buzova and Tarasova. And it is settled in a luxury apartment where once lived TV presenter and footballer. With whom Tarasov came to the bar to meet with friends and where was broadcasting live, remains a mystery.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova, Anastasia Kostenko

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